Welcome to Neverrunwithscissors.com.  Here, you’ll find my blog and other pages; I’m a software developer in London, UK, at the moment working in online takeaway.  Previously, I was in influence-monitoring, and internet TV.  Both of these involved web-development in the (ALT).NET world using .NET on the server-side to spit out XHTML, CSS (I’m a bit of a standards stickler) and JavaScript (I’m a long-time jQuery devotee, here), as well as frequent forays into the perils of media encoding, server (Windows / *nix) management and administration (hopefully soon some cloudy things), requirements-analysis from those customer-type people, design & high-level architecture, and a host of other things (this was a start-up; the developers get involved at all levels of the stack from architecture to customers to that damn database thing, and I was certainly no exception).  I claim (and can demonstrate ;-) ) a wide-range of competencies; check out my CV.  Best to find out from my blog, really.

I also have a bit of an obsession with finding and using tools to make my life easier.  ReSharper is a necessity, though there are many others…  I’m just about to start (early 2009) giving presentations at development community events like the London Skillsmatter seminar-type ones.  I actively participate at ALT.NET open-conferences and similar events.

Outside of work, I do a bit of open-source development on the side (currently mostly documentation, but a couple of patches to actual code).  Oh, non-programming, real-life things, you say?  I do a pretty large amount of exercise (running, rowing, weights) in an effort to keep svelte (I did a six-month diet and lost 25% of my body weight; I’ve put 5% back on via training); the usual sorts of socialising stuff; climbing & roller-blading; I’m an avid reader of sci-fi and, erm, development-related books (did I mention that I enjoy being good at my job?); a whole bunch of other things too.  I ski and snowboard whenever I get anything that remotely can be construed as an excuse, and I like travelling but don’t do enough of it.  I write verbosely.  I like getting good at things.  What’s next?

Internet presences:

Oh, I should mention – the views expressed on this website are my own opinions and based on my own experiences; my employer (currently Onalytica) does not necessarily agree with or otherwise share them.

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